sunnuntaina, marraskuuta 12, 2006

Crap Generator Web 2.0

Whatever, here are some ingredients of how to succeed with web 2.0. What's the most important thing? There has to be a designer. MySpace will do the thing. Go there, surf and find out, what it looks like. Listen: play loud music. It's all Indie. Show rounded corners on your website and that's it. Sweet corners like sweet hugs. The use of big fonts is a necessity. Your grandmother wan't be using the MyWebt but she certainly wants to be readign it.

What is the best invention of Web 2.0? To some people it's to have tags. They are here to stay. Every single web site will be tagged. How do we travel from 1.0 to 2.0? Get a better designer. Find a name, create a logo and start talking about a brand. Landing page, not home page anymore. You're not on surf anymore, you are flying in from aggregator generated links. Malining list is essential. You've to get linked. Give me a couple of weeks of design time and the next big thing will be ready for launch. We find more programmers all over the net. Start basecamping. Web 2.0 really provides a framework of coming up with no ideas. But you really need to create a solid business model. Get rich. Sell to Google. Monetize the crap you've made.

If you want to be different, follow me, follow the crowd. Lanuch party is so important. Sell the idea. Get it out to the blogosphere. Users know how to make it better, you don't need to worry. Content is now created by everyone. The user is the King of the Web 2.0. There is only one person who uses your web site. You have all the users you need. Yourself. Start marketing your thing to your nisch.

VC's are not only a source of money. The point is you need to get your FaceBook out and soon. Don't mind about technical details. Follow the crowd. Be like everyone else. Become an Innovator. Ajax, XML, MySQL, keep your story straight. Yahoo or Google are going to buy you anytime, soon. The web is now becoming social. First time in history, there's socila life on the net. Try to avoid real people. All the interaction you need is available on the net. Have fun. Get a life. Make it digital at an early age of you life.

Daddy, What is Internet? What was there before Web 2.0? The only common goal is the dollars you will be making soon. And now, we have the prepared questions ready for you. How did you get such visionary ideas? Being able to see the vision and the landscape. Next things will be big things. What could you do? Your english is fantastic and that makes you very hirable. When people go to the web site, they don't see the code, they see my design. Smile. Web 2.o is a great story and this is just the beginning.

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