perjantaina, helmikuuta 25, 2005

Springfield SBID

sbid: SBID (Springfield Business Improvement District). Established November 18, 1998, the SBID has heard the BID members call for an aggressive beautification plan which includes:
  1. cleaner streets and sidewalks,
  2. more attention to the aesthetics of downtown parks,
  3. historic buildings and care for new and existing trees,
  4. perennials,
  5. annuals and hanging baskets.
Through the SBID, local businesses band together to enhance City services and take public safety, community responsibility, and carefully planned growth to a new level.
It's a lean, well organized coalition of property owners, tenants, City officials and other groups with a stake in Springfield's success. Property owners pay fees set by their peers, our 11-member Board of Directors.
The City collects the funds but keeps them in a separate account, exclusively for the BID.
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