perjantaina, helmikuuta 25, 2005



Ko... is a world-class lifestyle city:

  • where entrepreneurs start, grow, and maintain a variety of businesses;
  • where citizens pursue life-long learning in first-rate schools, libraries, historic, and cultural
  • where residents, workers, and tourists circulate around and enjoy the Heart of the city – on both sides of the Kymijoki, along the main shopping street, and throughout the shopping complex;
  • where travelers appreciate the historic and natural scenery;
  • where homebuyers and renters of all ages and incomes are drawn by safe and appealing
    neighborhoods, and
  • where taxpayers enjoy competitive tax rates and superior services.


The City Council shall achieve this vision by:

  • acting as a model of teamwork and efficiency in its own deliberations;
  • creating an ongoing partnership with state government; and
  • organizing a responsive, flexible, and effective economic development program.
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